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Darius' interest in the minute and at
times unquantifiable, has guided her
recent foray in abstract, organic forms.


I am happiest spending time in my studio – time slows down, distractions leave my mind and I get into a flow, much akin to a meditative state.  Sometimes entire paintings pop into existence in a single day and other times I must keep mining the depth of my experience to finally achieve a cohesive painting.  My artistic journey has led me from oils to pastels to acrylics to watercolor and back to oils again. In addition, I have painted portraits, still life, landscapes and now I am fascinated by what I can do with abstract. Intermittently my personal artistic expression is freed from all adherence to form, allowing me to totally engage with my inner self and grant my creativity permission to flow into my work. 

Painting abstracts and abstracted forms in oil with cold wax medium is a great revelation to me as it seems to have opened me up to possibilities that were not there before. The effects and textures possible with this medium are endless. The mystery of this mixture of oil paint with cold wax medium is that it starts out soft and buttery during the application phase and dries to a smooth satin sheen, leaving the viewer with few clues as to how effects were achieved.

I just finished this abstract painting - 24 x 24 oil and cold wax on panel. The abstract started out as a number of empty vessels, vases and jars, but it turned out too literal, so I turned it upside down and started obscuring the forms until an abstract ensued.

Grey Areas
Grey Areas


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